My transition to veganism

Several people have told me that they would like to be vegetarian or vegan but that it costs them. Given this scenario, I found it interesting to share with you what was effective for my transition to veganism to be sustainable.

There are those who leave everything from one day to the other and while it seems super worthy, I think it is not for anyone. We do not all have the same willpower, discipline or conviction. And maybe we succumb to this demand.

            “The important thing is not to be vegan, but to stay vegan”

As in much of what we undertake, we can start with a very large energy impulse that makes us feel capable of the greatest achievements, but when the enthusiasm diminishes, it usually takes with it the will and the confidence. That is why I feel that going step by step, generating firm foundations and relying on experience, will give us the needed strenght for t his.

What I tell you below is applicable whether you eat “meat” and want to leave it or if you are a vegetarian and want to be a vegan. You will find both words in the text, if you eat “meat”, ignore the word derivatives and if you are a vegetarian, ignore the word “meat”.

To make things very clear, when we say:

  • “Meat”, we mean the body of any animal, whether land or water
  • Derivatives (you probably know them as “animal products”), we refer to eggs, milk and all animal based foods and products, such as honey, leather, etc.

What will be your first first step will depend on where you are standing. For example, if you eat “meat” / derivatives every day, you could reduce it by half. On those days off, start to try new recipes, experiment; You will discover that instead of taking dishes out of your diet, there are many that you will incorporate.

I suggest you try to meet people who have already gone through this path so they can help you break down all the myths that we are told around this issue. And  to find support, share recipes, products or places that you know and that can facilitate the process. Search for pages and/or groups on social networks, visit shops that sell plant based foods and products and ask for recommendations. Do not be afraid to try new things, the world is full of exciting tastes to  be discovered.

In this stage of the process it can also be useful to leave a specific  animal /derivative  and gradually leaving others, one at a time.


♥ ♥ ♥


As you gain confidence, you discover that you can cook and eat other things and that they are also delicious! Go one step further and stop buying “meat” / derivatives in your house.

This period take advantage of it to taste, learn and try all the recipes you discover. The more you experience, the easier it will be to hold it. Do not punish yourself or give up everything because one day you were tempted and ate something. Accept your time and I went forward, it is much the weight of the habit and it is a daily work that we must do to “deprogram” ourselves. The good news is that we all can and that habits are built. Don´t think you’re always going to be tempted, that’s just at the beginning. Then the full conviction of knowing that you do not contribute to animal exploitation, supported on a varied and rich diet will not make you miss the “meat” / derivatives in the least.

I recommend you in this instance to visit some vegan nutritionist to give you ideas without neglecting your health. It is important to stay healthy if we want our vegetarianism / veganism to be sustainable and to be a good example for others.


♥ ♥ ♥


You have climbed another step, you are vegetarian @ / vegan @ in your house. ¡Alright!

The duration of this period will depend on each person and our next achievement to address will be social life.

Tell people around you about your decision, ask them to support you and to consider other options at meals. You can also bring something of what you have experienced so that they can also discover how delicious you can eat and inspire them. Do not be afraid to express your needs, people tend to be more receptive when we manifest them.

At this point you are really close to leaving “meat” / derivatives completely and everything you lived so far gives you the conviction that you can do it, that it was not as difficult as you imagined and that you have enough love to sustain it. ¡Thank you!

We already come with the momentum to lift the foot and climb the next step, ¡hang in there! There are many hands that support your back, but mainly THEM, the animals who are waiting for you in the next step.


♥ ♥ ♥


¡Welcome, you are now Vegetarian/vegan!  Thanks to your decision, a lot of animals will be saved from being killed and exploited.

You may meet some people who will try to make you uncomfortable or scare you about your health; Do not take it personally, it’s not with you, it’s with them and what your choice represents. Rest assured, I´m happy to tell you that a balanced vegan diet is healthy at any stage of life, and it´s not me who says this, the WHO (World Health Organization) does.

To deal with that, I suggest you try to surround yourself with people with your same convictions, be it on a daily basis, as in social networking groups. They will be a great source of support and they will know how to help you.

Sadly, you will also find within those groups people who will judge you because of your time constraints. Again, it’s not with you. Always try to listen to those who add up and support you to move forward. The last thing we want in this process is for someone to undermine our confidence.

¡Thank you for coming here! Your decision has saved many lives!

Share this information so that more people follow your path and together we can liberate all animals.

To encourage you, I share an Animal Equality study where you can find out the approximate number of animals saved by a vegetarian @ / vegan @ per year.


♥ ♥ ♥


If so far you read by focusing on the word “meat”, what remains of text is for you:

You already are vegetarian from a while ago, and know that one more step is needed to free animals from your habits.

Again, your time as a vegetarian will depend on you. Unfortunately, the derivatives industry is equal to (or even more cruel) than the “meat” industry. That’s why I share this information so you can know a little more about what happens behind the dairy and egg industries, among others.

When you feel confident enough, it will be necessary to start this text again, but with emphasis on the word derivatives. Obviously, this does not detract from what you’ve achieved so far. There is a lot of progress and I am deeply proud that you have arrived here, ¡congratulations!

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